Meet Guy


Name: Reggae Guy


I enjoy long walks on the beach, steel drum solos, the Jamaican bobsled team, and kicking back with a glass of Reggae Wine. Let’s face it – I’m easy to please. Open a bottle of Reggae Wine and look out, because the party is about to reach peak awesomeness.


Clearly I get along with everyone. People know me. I’m “that guy.” The only thing that I can’t condone is forgetting the corkscrew. Lessons to live by, people.

Tell Us a Story:

Sitting by the beach and relaxing to the smooth beats of Reggae music as the backdrop to a perfect day in the Florida Keys, I had an epiphany. Why not give party people a party in a bottle? Thus Reggae Wines were born, starting with Reggae Red in 2005 and continuing with Reggae Blush and Reggae White. These fruit-forward wines offer a delicious island taste and an attitude of pure awesomeness. Mix Reggae Wines with flavored rums for a taste too delicious to ignore. We’re livin’ the sweet life with Reggae Wines, and you should too.

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Reggae Wines